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Shouldn't you be able to retire young and healthy enough to enjoy the things that YOU still want to do – yet still generate new income?Knowing what money you have and what you are spending are more important today than ever. Taking control of your future may also require some significant changes.To get your geographical 'bearings', click on the interactive map above to reach our Asia Destinations page, with its map of the whole region and its countries.Here you can get comprehensive visitor information for all the countries of Asia.

Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia & Bali, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos are not only exotic places to visit, they are suitable for long or regular holidays as well as possibly some of the best foreign retirement locations anywhere.

Most of Southeast Asia has no real winter except in higher elevations where nighttime temperatures can drop to below freezing.

Mostly you will experience some cool evenings and crisp early mornings around the end of the year in the north of Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, but little or no cold weather in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore or Indonesia.

or live in different parts of the world for part of the year, is a personal matter, and reasons are many and varied.

However, there should be somewhere to suit everyone, in whatever financial situation or for personal preference.

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